Case study: Ministry of Defence Corsham - Moving two sites into one

Government and Council

The MOD began a relocation project and appointed Interserve to manage the relocation of two existing sites into one new build, based in Wiltshire. Pickfords was appointed as the removal contractor, moving offices and accommodation blocks from Copenacre and Rudloe into the new site at Basil Hill.


Interserve understood that redundant office furniture would need to be disposed of during the course of the project and needed a specialist contractor to manage the process. Interserve also needed to fully comply with government waste legislation, evidence compliance and achieve the disposal in a cost effective and ethical manner.


Pickfords Business Solutions was appointed as the principal contractor to manage the environmental disposal of waste. The disposal was integrated into the move plan and took place after the move in order to minimise disruption to staff and allow Interserve to select items for reuse internally.

The solution broke down into three stages:


The assets were collected from three locations by Pickfords’ resources supplied by the local branches at Bath, Bristol and Swindon.


All assets were tagged using Pickfords’ unique software ‘Asset King’. Seventeen thousand items were tagged and catalogued including; furniture, beds, kitchenware, general office furniture, mattresses and blankets. Tagging and cataloguing each item meant that the assets could be tracked through the entire disposal process.


All assets were segregated on site for reuse and recycling. Items not fit for reuse were recycled on site to reduce carbon footprint and transportation costs.

Those items that had not reached their end of life were distributed by Pickfords’ resources to charities and organisations in need. The RSPCA and Swindon Children’s Scrap Store welcomed new furniture, blankets and equipment.

The MOD’s redundant gym equipment was donated and transported to a number of local charities and organisations including a boy’s club in Bristol. Additional items such as blankets were taken at the time of clearance and donated to the RSPCA. Over ten organisations benefited from this service.

Client feedback

"Professional, punctual, personable and flexible enough to cope with the processes, procedures and many changes requested, whilst working with the MOD"

Mark Porter; Interserve

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