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Case Study: VINCI Facilities

Government and Council

VINCI Facilities provides facilities and property management services to a major public transport organisation operating within London. The client required an understanding of the condition of various assets throughout its 194 locations and create a database.

Client Requirements

  • To deliver a comprehensive and tailored asset management solution.

  • To visit the 194 locations to compile a schedule of assets and a visual condition report.

  • To report on any assets deemed not fit for purpose based on the pre-agreed findings of the client’s Asset Factor Ranking Table.

  • To work closely alongside the client’s facility team of Vinci Engineers to ensure a smooth transition of information, so appropriate actions could be taken.

  • To liaise with site managers in advance of pre-allotted visits to minimise disruption for the client, whilst maintaining “business as usual” activities.


Following a successful tender process, VINCI appointed Pickfords to complete the Asset verification, tagging, and fabric surveys for its client.

Pickfords worked with VINCI Engineers to ensure that both parties understood the full scope of services required, which included:

  • How, and what level assets should be collected

  • What information should be collected against the asset and its importance

  • The data format compatibility requirements

Pickfords Business Solutions contacted the site managers at the Transport organisation’s 194 sites in advance, and timed visits to minimise disruption.

Pickfords’ team of Asset verifiers utilised specialist software to provide a comprehensive and tailored asset management solution.

Our mobile teams, made up of 1 Quality Assurance Manager and 4 Engineers, were able to provide the asset verification of all 194 sites and report back immediately on any items that were hazardous. The teams also provided regular reporting on asset tagged items.

The teams used barcoding to tag the assets during the visits and uploaded photos of each asset into a database using tablets in the field.

Throughout the project, weekly meetings were held with VINCI to ensure everyone was kept fully informed throughout the project on any issues, and any updates to the ongoing plans were made when necessary.


The project was delivered on time and on budget to the original specification of the works.

The information gathered was used by VINCI’s client to;

        • Gain a full visibility of and accountability for all known assets: Pickfords enabled the client to have full visibility of the assets, the conditions of those assets.

        • Streamline its auditing processes: Pickfords enabled VINCI to react quickly to risks within the clients’ current asset portfolio, while streamlining the audit processes.

        • Reduce their administration costs: Pickfords increased the efficiency of its clients’ current system and reduced the client’s administration costs.

        • Assess any H&S risks to the public within its portfolio: Pickfords helped the client to manage any health and safety risks posed to the clients’ customers, and the wider public, so that sensible measures to control the risks could be taken.

        • Understand any maintenance issues of assets: VINCI Facilities and its client benefitted by receiving a full asset audit managed with ease, which allowed them to gain a complete real-time asset visibility of surface site along with the condition of each asset.

As a direct result of this project, Pickfords is now one of their preferred partners for ongoing asset verification and tagging works.

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