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Pickfords introduces new naming convention for the vehicles on its fleet

21 Nov 2022

Pickfords, the UK's largest removals and storage company introduced a new naming convention for its fleet of vehicles in November.

The company has chosen to name its fleet after Pickfords employees, past and present who have, through dedication, longevity or excellence, left their mark on the company during their tenure.

One of the first vehicles on the fleet to be names is a new Mercedes AXOR 1843 Wagon and Drag, which has recently been added to the European Fleet. This vehicle remembers Mike Kelly who joined Pickfords in 1988 and went onto manage the European Department in the 90s and 2000s. 

Managing Director, Mark Taylor, said "This initiative celebrates the lives of our Pickfords colleagues past and present. This vehicle is particularly poignant as we are naming a European Wagon and Drag after Mike who developed and managed our European Department for so many years before he passed away. We think this is a fitting tribute to this time with Pickfords" 

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