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Vintage Scammel comes home to Pickfords!

28 Oct 2019

Pickfords took delivery of an old friend in October when a vehicle named Resolute, fleet number M2070, returned after a long period to its original owner.

In its prime the 1958 Scammell Junior Constructor was capable of hauling a load of over 100 tonnes. It was retired from the fleet and was acquired by transport enthusiast Paul Hammond. Paul spent many years faithfully restoring the Scammel to its original glory, researching the correct livery and ensuring that its mechanics were in working order. The vehicle has been shown regularly at transport shows and is an award winning example of vintage heavy haulage.

Unfortunately Paul passed away recently and his family contacted Pickfords to see if there would be interest in purchasing Resolute.

“It was great timing” said Managing Director Mark Taylor “We had not been able to participate in the BAR’s vintage vehicle parade at the recent conference so we wanted to purchase a vintage vehicle and a couple of opportunities fell through. When we saw the photos of Resolute we jumped at the chance to bring the Scammel home”


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The vehicle has been added to the Pickfords fleet register under its original fleet number M2070. It has its original parts and none of the mechanical features you would expect on a modern vehicle. Cliff Collingwood has been asked to be the caretaker of the vehicle and has been tasked with learning to drive the Scammel.

“It’s a fabulous piece of Pickfords history” said Mark Taylor, “we look forward to taking care of Resolute and showing her at vintage transport shows up and down the country”.

Fast Facts about the Vintage Scammel

  • The Junior Constructor is a 6x 4 heavy haulage tractor unit
  • It was first conceived by Scammell of Watford in 1951 as a replacement or the Scammell Pioneer and came into production in 1955/1956
  • The Junior Constructor has a Rolls Royce 185 HP diesel engine
  • It has oscillating front axle to cover rough terrain
  • It was designed to pull up to 200 ton weights using a Crane Trailer
  • Total weight of two tractor units, trailer and transformer could weigh in at 250 tons
  • The Junior Constructor would work in pairs or triples with the very heavy loads
  • Pickfords had about 30 of these Junior Constructors and its later version the Super Constructor
  • The name Resolute was added later, as Pickfords did not name its vehicles.

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