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Pickfords Launches new Mental Health Policy

16 Jan 2020

Pickfords has teamed up with mental health charity Mind to improve the wellbeing of its employees and to create a healthier workplace.

A major study into workplace wellbeing by Mind has revealed that poor mental health at work is widespread, 48% of all people surveyed saying they have experienced a mental health problem in their current job. Pickfords has acknowledged the impact that poor mental health can have on its employees and has created a new approach and formal policy.

The policy includes providing managers with the training, information and resources needed to make sure that employees get the support and care that they need if there is an issue in the workplace. A clear policy offered company wide will provide information and assurance to employees so that they feel comfortable when seeking help and to know that there is a range of options available to them.

Managing Director Mark Taylor said ‘Our aim is to create a healthy workplace and to provide assistance to vulnerable employees. This policy gives our managers the knowledge to manage mental health issues locally and our employees a route to support if they are in need”

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