Case Study: British Sugar


British Sugar is the leading producer of sugar for the British and Irish food and beverage markets, processing around eight million tonnes of sugar beet and producing up to 1.4 million tonnes of sugar each year.

Client Requirements

British Sugar had a requirement to relocate 350 staff members from its existing offices in at the British Sugar building at Sugar Way in Peterborough, to a purpose build Head Office in the Hampton area of the city.

The requirement also included a full audit of their existing document storage to ensure suitable capacity was available at the new site.

The relocation services were required over a single move phase to take place over one weekend. Commencing on a Friday, completion was required by the following day to allow British Sugar’s IT Team to complete any last minute snagging activities on the Sunday, in readiness for the staff arrival to the new site on Monday Morning.

The client required: 

  • A relocation of 350 people moving from the exiting central office
  • The move of personal possessions, and team filing 
  • The move to take place over a single weekend
  • An allowance of three crates per head
  • A document audit


Our service included:

  • Move Management services including the provision of an on-site Move Project Manager
  • Staff engagement sessions and removal guide (Hints & Tips) packs
  • The relocation of all IT, including approximately 100 desktop PC’s, and IT spare stock including keyboards, mice, laptops
  • An audit of the physical document storage within the existing filing cabinets. The results of which were then broken down by each department to allow British Sugar to select and specify the correct storage units for the new building
  • A sweep though of the old office after the move to centrally collect all remaining IT (approximately 350 items) and move to a central point within the existing building
    A 2-day post move floor-walking support to staff to resolve any issues raised
  • The collection of all crates 2 weeks after move
  • Installation of 200 docking stations, and 350 new computer monitors onto arms, on the new desks


It was vital that the client could close its old site on Friday, and be up and running in their new site on the Monday. Pickfords completed the move on time and within budget ensuring “business as usual” on opening day.

Leanne Baker, Project Coordinator, said: 
"Feedback from the move has been really positive. The move itself was quick and trouble free considering the constraints with the building layout and use of only one lift. The team were great and a pleasure to work with.  The move was a great success and the lack of ‘noise’ signifies it was well executed. Thank you to all the team at Pickfords."

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